Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bumble Bee Hat

Knifty Knitter Bee Hat

1. Using one strand each of the 2 black yarns, wrap all of the pegs and knit 7 rows. Put the first row back up and over the pegs as if you were making a brim. Knit the stitches over.
2. Switch to the yellow yarn, but do not cut the black yarns. Using 2 strands of the yellow yarn, knit 4 rows.
3. Switch back to the black yarns, but do not cut the yellow yarn. Knit 7 rows using the black yarns.
4. Reach inside of the loom and pull the first row of the black knitting up and over the pegs, as if you were making a brim. Knit this row over.
5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 two more times. This makes 4 bumps, or ridges.
6. Knit 10 rows using the yellow yarn.
7. Using a yarn needle and a 14" piece of yarn, take the yarn loops from the pegs. Gather the two ends of your sewing yarn together and tie them in a square knot. (This process is described in detail in the basic hat instructions in the round loom packaging.)
What you will need:

Provo Craft Supplies
  • Ex-large Knifty Knitter Round Loom
  • Hook
Other Supplies
  • One skein of Fun Fur in black
  • One skein of black knitting worsted weight
  • One skein of bright yellow knitting worsted weight

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