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Herbal Honey Recipes

Herbal honey can be used to treat common ailments or simply for the pleasure of its wonderful flavor.

If you enjoy herbs and honey, infusing your honey with herbs will give you the best of both worlds. Honey and herbs are both well known for their natural medicinal value. Honey is anti-bacterial, prevents infection and inflammation, and soothes a sore throat. Herbs have individual medicinal benefits. Herbal honey can be used to treat common ailments or simply for the pleasure of its wonderful flavor. It is best to use raw honey in your herbal infusion because raw honey is richer in enzymes, as the heat from pasteurization destroys them, as well as some of the active antibacterial ingredients.
To Make Herbal Honey
  1. Use 1 tablespoon of fresh herbs, or half a teaspoon of dried herbs for every 2 cups of honey.
  2. If the herbs are fresh, grind them well to aid in the infusion.
  3. Tie the herbs in cheesecloth.
  4. In a pot, warm the honey and herbs. It is important not to heat the honey too much or the enzymes will be destroyed. Simply warm the honey to a temperature well below 115 degrees.
  5. Put the honey and the herbs into a large canning jar with a tight fitting lid.
  6. Let the honey sit in at room temperature in a dark place for at least one week.
  7. Heat the honey just to warm and press the liquid out of the herbs.
Tips for Making Herbal Honey:
  • You can also chop the herbs finely and leave the herbs in the honey.
  • Using more herbs will shorten the amount of time it takes to infuse the honey.
  • Allowing the herbs to infuse into the honey longer will strengthen the medicinal properties of the herbal honey.
Commonly used Herbs for Infusing Honey and Their Medicinal Value:
  • Cayenne Pepper: Aches & Pains, Arthritis, Cough, Digestion/Indigestion, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Headache, Heart Tonic, IBS, Lupus
  • Chamomile: Anxiety, Burns, Candida, Depression, Digestion, Eczema, Female Tonic, Gingivitis, IBS, Insomnia, Stress, Toothache
  • Cinnamon: Candida, Colds, Diabetes, Digestion, Fungus Infections, IBS, Flu. Nausea
  • Dandelion: Alcoholism, Bladder Infection, Memory/Focus, Bronchitis, Cholesterol Control, Colds, Digestion, Female Tonics, IBS, Liver, Respiratory, Osteoporosis, PMS
  • Fennel: Arthritis, Congestion, Cough, Digestion, Gout, Lupus, Menopause, Weight Loss
  • Garlic: Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Burns, Cancer, Candida, Cholesterol, Colds, Fungus, Heart Tonics, Herpes, Flu, Respiratory, Sinusitis, Sore Throat *Honey Infused with Garlic makes an excellent sore throat remedy!
  • Ginger: Arthritis, Cholesterol, Colds, Digestion, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Heart Tonic, IBS, Lupus, Nausea
  • Lavender: Anxiety, Arthritis, Burns, Candida, Colds, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Headache, Hypertension, IBS, Insomnia, Lupus, Nausea
  • Lemon Balm: Colds, Depression, Heart Tonics, Herpes, Nausea, Sore Throat and Laryngitis
  • Peppermint: Allergies, Anxiety, Bronchitis, Chronic Fatigue, Colds, Congestion, Cough, Headache, Heart Tonics, IBS, Flu, Respiratory, Nausea, Sinus
  • Rosemary: Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Memory, Bronchitis, Cholesterol, Chronic Fatigue, Colds, Gout, Heart Tonics, IBS, Respiratory, Lupus
  • Sage: Memory, Menopause
  • Thyme: Congestion, Cough, Respiratory, Toothache
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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Baby Bottle Cover Pattern for the Knifty Knitter Looms

Knifty Knitter Baby Bottle Cover Pattern
Knifty Knitter Flower Loom
Medium Weight Yarn
Yarn Needle
Crochet Hook

Note: Crochet skills are needed for this project.
  1. Use the two-over-two stitch to knit in a spiral around the flower loom for 22 rows.
  2. Sew through each loop to remove it from the flower loom.
  3. Chain 40 to create a long cord. 
  4. Feed the cord through the top loops of the bottle cover.
  5. Tie the cord in a bow.
  6. Sew through the bottom looms and pull them tightly to cinch the bottom closed.
  7. You can also use small pom poms or felt to decorate the cover.

Making Shrinky Dinks with Kids

We used the Shrink It! Jewelry Baking Kit by ArtSkills. We got it at Dollar General just before
Christmas on sale and it was only a dollar or two.

The kit comes with the plastic shrinky dink pictures with a paper type coating on them that was not there when I was a kid in the 70s. The white paper coating makes it easier to color them. Have the kids use the colored pencils that come in the kit to color the pictures. Then have them cut out the pictures and punch a hole to put the loops through and string them on necklaces, key chains, jewelry, hair clips, or anything they wish. Skills developed include coloring, cutting, and crafting jewelry. It's a great craft for kids that are practicing these skills or older girls that want to make their own jewelry. It's inexpensive too.

The kit comes with parchment paper to line the pan and keep it from sticking. Heat the oven to 350 degrees and place the pan with the paper lining and shrink its in the oven for 1 minute. The final shrink its come out only about 1/10th the size of the original. 

Knifty Knitter Hat Pattern

If you've never made a hat on the Knifty Knitter looms, this is a good pattern to get started. It teaches the basic method of making a hat. The loom that you use to make this hat will depend on the size hat you want. I knit hats for myself and my teens on the green loom. Some adults prefer to use the yellow loom for a bigger hat.

Using 2 worsted weight yarns (typical yarn weight) held together as one yarn, wrap the loom one time around. If you haven't e wrapped before, here is a video to get you started.

Push the first row down to the bottom of the pegs and wrap a second row. As you wrap be sure to wrap loosely! Wrapping too tight will make the next step difficult.

Knit! You create knit by using the hook that came with your Knifty Knitter looms to pull the bottom loop up and over the loop above it, then off the peg. Do this with all the pegs until you have only one loop left on each peg.

Wrap again. Knit again. Continue wrapping a row and knitting a row, until you've knitted 30 rows.

Remove the knit from the loom by cutting a one foot tail of the working yarn. Thread the end through a yarn needle and sew through each loop with a yarn needle. In this step you want to be sure that you go the same direction that you've been working, so as not to reverse the direction of the yarn.

When you have the loops off the pegs, pull the yarn tight to cinch the knit together. This is the top of the hat. The bottom of the hat will naturally roll.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bumble Bee Hat

Knifty Knitter Bee Hat

1. Using one strand each of the 2 black yarns, wrap all of the pegs and knit 7 rows. Put the first row back up and over the pegs as if you were making a brim. Knit the stitches over.
2. Switch to the yellow yarn, but do not cut the black yarns. Using 2 strands of the yellow yarn, knit 4 rows.
3. Switch back to the black yarns, but do not cut the yellow yarn. Knit 7 rows using the black yarns.
4. Reach inside of the loom and pull the first row of the black knitting up and over the pegs, as if you were making a brim. Knit this row over.
5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 two more times. This makes 4 bumps, or ridges.
6. Knit 10 rows using the yellow yarn.
7. Using a yarn needle and a 14" piece of yarn, take the yarn loops from the pegs. Gather the two ends of your sewing yarn together and tie them in a square knot. (This process is described in detail in the basic hat instructions in the round loom packaging.)
What you will need:

Provo Craft Supplies
  • Ex-large Knifty Knitter Round Loom
  • Hook
Other Supplies
  • One skein of Fun Fur in black
  • One skein of black knitting worsted weight
  • One skein of bright yellow knitting worsted weight

Hat with Vertical Stripes

Knifty Knitter Vertical Striped hat

You Will Need:
  • Red Heart Yarn
  • Crochet Hook
  • Round Knifty Knitter Loom (Various sizes depending on the age and head size)
    Knifty Knitter Hat with Vertical Stripes
  1. The hat is knitted from the top down. Ewrap all the odd number pegs: 1, 3, 5, 7, etc. Knit using the one over one stitch (pull one loop over one loop).
  2. Using a second yarn color, ewrap the even number pegs: 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. Knit using the one over one stitch.
  3. Continue with steps 1 and 2 until the knit is 7 inches long. Always wrap the pegs with the same color used in the previous row.
  4. Using the color that you would like for the brim of the hat, create a ribbed brim by alternating ewrap and purl as you knit around the loom for 10 rows. 
  5. Remove the hat from the loom by loosely crocheting once through each stitch as you remove it from the loom. Add a loose chain stitch between each of the loops.
  6. Sew through each loop at the top of the knit to pull closed the top of the hat.  
Knifty Knitter Hat
As an alternative method, Jeannette also reversed the pattern knitting it from bottom to top. This prevented the brim from becoming too tight at the cast off. Here is the version of the hat knitted from bottom to top.

How to Knit a Scarf with Vertical Stripes


Knifty Knitter Poncho
1. Small women size or child 10 or 12
2 .Take a pigment ink pen and mark the ends of the pegs. Start by numbering the pegs clock-wise the pegs from the holding peg on the side. 1 to 41.
3. Wrap the yarn around the holding peg on the side of the loom. Wrap the pegs 1 and 2 and turn and wrap back to the peg number 41. Knit the peg 1 and wrap around 2 and 3 pegs.
4. Continue going back and forth knitting until you have added a stitch each end and have all of the pegs wrapped except the middle peg (number 22).
5. Knit even on these pegs for 15 rows.
7. Knit to the peg 41 and turn back and knit to peg 23. Continue on knitting on these pegs for 15" or 46 rows. Cut yarn and leave a 6 or 8" tail.
8. Using the new ball of yarn attach to the loops on the pegs numbered 1 to 21 and knit to the same length as the other side. (15" or 46 rows)
10. Start knitting the two pieces together again and knit 24 rows. Start to take one stitch off at the start of each row. Knit to the end loop around the last peg, and knit the next 3 stitches.
11. Using the crochet hook take the first loop of the peg and run the loop from the second peg through the first loop. Now put this loop back on the end peg.
12. Continue to the end of the row and knit back 3 stitches and decrease the end stitch. Continue to the end of the point.
13. FINISH Cut 9" pieces of yarn and tie or loop 3 pieces of yarn in between each of the knitted rows. Crochet a simple chain 24" long and tie in the front.

What you will need:
Provo Craft Supplies
Other Supplies

  • Crochet hook size G or H

  • skeins of Jiffy® Quick and Easy mohair look yarn by Lion Brand® Yarn

    Herbal Honey Recipes

    Herbal honey can be used to treat common ailments or simply for the pleasure of its wonderful flavor. If you enjoy herbs and honey...