Friday, December 31, 2010

Recycling and Reusing Plastic

Recycling and Reusing Plastic
Many of the ideas listed here are for home organization, but there are also several ideas for reusing plastic as crafts.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crocheting Washcloths and Kitchen Wash Rags

My name is Heather and I'm a crochet addict. It's easy to see the warning signs as you walk around my home. Crocheted rugs, crocheted washclothes, crochet dish rags, crocheted pot holders. My favorite rooms for crochet are the kitchen and bath. I love washing with crocheted rags. Dishes are more fun! Bathtime is more fun! Not to mention, I love the overall look of dozens of crocheted wash clothes decorating the kitchen and bath. Odd? Possibly, but these washclothes are so quick and easy, you may just become a crochet addict too!

Decorating with Old Jeans

Lately, I've been crafting with old denim. I always tell people, if the jeans are reusable, give them to someone who can wear them or donate them. However, being the mother of 4 boys, I have plenty of jeans with holes. What I've learned with my recycling efforts, is that there is nothing... I mean nothing.. that you can't jazz up with a little denim.

I've created
*Pencil jars from recycled soup cans and denim. (Instructions) - Cost: free.
*Magnetic pocket pencil holders. (Instructions) - Cost: free.
*Journals and calendars with denim covers (Instructions) - Cost: $2-3.00
*A band from an old Pringles can and denim (Instructions) - Cost: free.

Herbal Honey Recipes

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