Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ribbon Woven Scarf on a Loom

1. Holding 2 strands of yarn together as one, e wrap the first 2 pegs and skip the next peg, then wrap the next peg.
2. Continue on around the loom, wrapping every other peg to the last 2 pegs.
3. Wrap the last 2 pegs and knit, using the pegs wrapped and missing the pegs that are in between.
4. Knit until your scarf is 3 feet long or your desired length.
5. Using a yarn needle, or your fingers, weave 2 strands of ribbon through each of the bars in the knitting. These are the gaps or open spaces caused by the skipped pegs. Leave a few inches of ribbon fringe on each end. Knot the ribbon at each end where the scarf ends.

Small round loom 

Yarn needle
Other Supplies
  • One skein of Micro Spun from Lion Brand Yarn (French Vanilla)
  • One skein of Incredible Ribbon yarn from Lion Brand Yarn (City Lights)

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