Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decorating with Old Jeans

Lately, I've been crafting with old denim. I always tell people, if the jeans are reusable, give them to someone who can wear them or donate them. However, being the mother of 4 boys, I have plenty of jeans with holes. What I've learned with my recycling efforts, is that there is nothing... I mean nothing.. that you can't jazz up with a little denim.

I've created
*Pencil jars from recycled soup cans and denim. (Instructions) - Cost: free.
*Magnetic pocket pencil holders. (Instructions) - Cost: free.
*Journals and calendars with denim covers (Instructions) - Cost: $2-3.00
*A band from an old Pringles can and denim (Instructions) - Cost: free.

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