Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Skinny Fur Scarf

Knifty Knitter Fun Fur Scarf

Skinny scarf made with eyelash yarn, or fun fur, to give it a fuzzy appearance. Quick and easy scarf pattern for beginners.

Skill: Beginner


Step 1: Wrap every other peg on a 12 peg round loom.

Step 2: Holding both the boucle yarn and fun fur yarn together as one, wrap the loom.

Step 3: Wrap the pegs a second time and using a knitting hook, pull the bottom loops over the top loops and release them off the pegs toward the inside of the loom. You've knitted your first row!

Step 4: Continue wrapping a row and knitting until your scarf reaches the desired length or until you have run out of yarn. Three feet or more is a typical length for this scarf.

Step 5: Cut your working yarn a foot from the end of the project. Thread this tail on a yarn needle and sew through each of the six loops remaining on the loom, lifting the loop off the pegs as you sew through it. Pull up tight and tie off.

Step 6: Thread the starting yarn on the needle and sew up the beginning side of the project.

Knifty Knitter Scarf- Skinny and Fun Fur

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