Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Make a Bank from Denim and a Pringles Can

Today, we made a bank from a Pringles can and some old jeans. Here's how we did it:

You will need:
Pringles can
old jeans
tacky glue
sharp scissors

We rinsed out the can.
Cutting along the double stitched seam of the pants leg, make a flat piece of denim.
Wrap the denim around  the can, so it fits just under the top lip and cut it to fit the bottom edge.
Mark where you need to cut it to get it to fit vertically and horizontally.
Cut the old denim jean fabric.
Tacky glue the denim into place.
Cut a small slit in the lid for the coin hole.
Lie the lid on a flat piece of denim and using a marker outline a circle about 1/4 wider than the lid.
Cut the circle.
Tacky glue the circle over the lid, making sure you use glue around the edges.
Use a rubber band to hold that in place around the lid, while you embellish the bank.
Some ideas for embellishment are:
  • pockets
  • using the inner seam of the jeans to run up the side of the bank.
  • buttons
  • ribbons
  • faux fur
  • hand-drawn artwork
Tacky glue the inner seam of the jeans around the outer edge of the lid.
Use sharp scissors to cut the opening in the denim where the opening in the lid is.

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